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Erin Summers

Erin Summers

Erin is the CEO and Cofounder of the nonprofit Wogrammer - a movement to highlight the successes of women in engineering. Her work has been featured by Quartz, The Huffington Post, Vice Magazine, the Anita Borg Institute and the National Society of Professional Engineers. Erin has interviewed hundreds of women engineers all over the world on every continent (even Antarctica!). Under her leadership, wogrammer has grown to reach 4 million people worldwide. Erin has extensive experience with fundraising and running diversity programs for wogrammer. Key programs include a Journalism Fellowship who's stories have impacted hundreds of thousands of viewers and the “Building Confidence” workshop, shared with thousands of early career women in tech. Partnerships include Facebook, The Craig Newmark Foundation, LinkedIn, Greylock and Sequoia.

Erin is a Senior Software Engineer and Virtual Reality Expert at Facebook. She currently leads Integrity for the Social Virtual Reality org to prevent abuse. Erin is leading the way in this uncharted space, as it is imperative to create virtual environments that are safe and inclusive. Erin has been a technical lead in the VR space since 2016 and has led major projects at Oculus in user growth and at Facebook with the flagship VR product Spaces VR, where she was a founding engineer and eventually led the Analytics team for the org. Other major technical contributions to Facebook have been building replies to comments, the first native Android version of Facebook Pages, the first native Android mobile advertising tools.s.

Erin is an expert in dynamic control systems. She has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Berkeley and degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NC State. Her thesis “Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Combining Integral Quadratic Constraints and Sum-of-Squares Techniques” was applied to adaptive control systems of aircraft at NASA. She has publications in major journals including IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, In AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, IEEE American Control Conference, and IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

Erin is a 2015 Foreign Policy Global Thinker, and NSF Graduate Fellow, an Insight Data Science Fellow, an Amelia Earhart Scholar, and a NASA Jenkins Fellow. Erin is a member of Neo, an exclusive tech incubator, where she advises on new technology and diversity. She also served on the Computer History Museum’s NextGen board where she led growth, engagement, and diversity initiatives.